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Jiffy Bags

Jiffy Bags

Every one of our Jiffy bags are genuine Jiffy Airkraft Padded Envelopes, and we offer a variety of different sized Jiffy bags, that are all available in Gold or White.

These lightweight sturdy bags are by far the most popular postal bag and a favourite among the retail industry. They have all been made with a full laminated lining which gives them durability that exceeds all other postal bags. With a strong self seal close and a Astro Suprabubble inside they are puncture and tear resistant which makes them the perfect choice for transporting fragile goods.

Jiffy Bags are ideal for all of your mailing needs, just pick your size and start sending.

Please see the excellent range of Jiffy Bags we supply:

  • J1 Jiffy Bags
  • J2 Jiffy Bags
  • J3 Jiffy Bags
  • J4 Jiffy Bags
  • J5 Jiffy Bags
  • J6 Jiffy Bags
  • J7 Jiffy Bags

Post Offices, Banks and other businesses are constantly in high demand of Jiffy Bags and we offer them to commercial and household users at reasonable and competitive prices. There are so many things you can use Jiffy Bags for, including, mailing, storing and carrying fragile goods or valuable possessions.

Smaller Jiffy Bags are ideal for holding jewellery and other fragile possessions to keep them safe and well protected from the possibility of damage. Middle sized Jiffy bags are perfect for mailing CD’s and DVD’s and the Suprabubble interior helps to protect the discs and casings from breaking, that standard envelopes can’t guarantee. Larger Jiffy Bags are great for eBay sellers who want to mail their goods, knowing that they will be protected whilst in the post.

Jiffy Bags provide an ultra light and economical way of posting and handling. We are proud to say we provide customers with a product that is superior to other conventional envelopes.

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