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Mailing Bags

Mailing Bags

PolyBag Stores Ltd are committed to bringing our customers the best in satisfying products, and we work to ensure that every single one of the Mailing Bags we produce are made to the highest standard possible. That way we know, all of our customers are completely satisfied with the products they receive, making us first choice for Mailings Bags across the nation.

We always have the customers welfare at the forefront of our minds and we make it a top priority to ensure the products we produce are completely robust and fit for the job. Our mailing bags are top of the range and can not be opened without ripping the packaging. This virtually guarantees no problems during the mailing process as those who wish to tamper will not be successful!

All our Coloured Mailing Bags (except for the grey bags) are manufactured from a strong 50 micron 3 layer COEX film, this bag is metallic blue on the outside, whilst the inside is black. Guaranteed 100% opaque, so you can't see what's inside of them! They are low weight, weatherproof, burst, tear and puncture resistant and come complete with a high tack tamper resistant 'Peel and Seal' Self Adhesive strip to keep packing time to a minimum. Once these bags are sealed, they stay sealed!

Being of a superior quality, these super strong 60 micron, mailing bags are low weight, weatherproof, burst, tear and puncture resistant. With a self-adhesive, peel and seal strip, time spent packing your items is significantly reduced, offering you a tamper resistant bag that cannot be opened!

Coloured Mailing Bags are becoming more and more popular as time progresses, providing you with a decorative alternative to your standard brown envelopes. Not only are these Mailing Bags highly decorative, with a glossy finish, but the quality they deliver time and time again is second to none.

When sealed, the bags are 100% waterproof and puncture proof, allowing you to send gifts, items and anything else that may fit inside, with ease, giving you the confidence that your postage will get from A to B with no problems what-so-ever!

Our colour range is ever increasing - Take a look at the selection we currently have in stock:

  • Blue Mailing Bags
  • Degradable Grey Mailing Bags
  • Red Mailing Bags
  • Purple Mailing Bags
  • Pink Mailing Bags

To find out more about the quantities and sizes available in these colours browse our product selection below or contact customer services today.

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